Tuyển dụng ngành Điện tử - Công ty SAVARTI

Tuyển dụng ngành Điện tử - Công ty SAVARTI
Working with us :
Savarti offers a comprehensive benefits and professional working environment.
- Flexible working time
- Open working environment to develop your career path
- Provide technical training
- Dynamic team works
- Opportunity for local and international travel
- Comprehensive Personal Health Care

FRESH GRADUATE recruitment
Recruitment Position : Circuit Design
Working location : Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Hue office
Required documents :
• CV in English
• Transcript
Send it to hr@savarti.com for interview
• Bsc in Electronic Engineering/Telecommunication
• Strong GPA scores (above 7.3 /10)
• Enthusiasm and willing to learn
• Passionate for technology, specific interest in micro-electronic
• Good communication of English both verbal and written
• High-commitment to continuous work

SAVARTI Position
Founded in March 2015, Savarti focus on Analog & Mixed-Signal IC design specialized in high-speed interface,
analog design, layout and RTL:
• Circuit Design : Design specification, architecture and simulation
• Custom Layout : Analog layout and Digital Place and Rout
• Logic Design : design from specification requirements
For further information, contact us
Email : hr@savarti.com
Website : http://www.savarti.com
Facebook : Savarti Company

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