PhD position in Smart Urban Transportation at the OSU

Chủ nhật - 16/12/2018 19:29

The Smart Urban Transportation Research Group and the Transit Lab at the Ohio State University (OSU) have an open position for either a M.Sc./ Ph.D. student or a Ph.D. student, starting in summer or autumn 2019. The prospective student will be advised by Prof. Andre Carrel, and the position is fully funded and will provide a monthly stipend as well as tuition and fee coverage.

Possible research topics will be in one or several of the following general areas: travel behavior, urban logistics, public transportation planning and operations, travel time reliability, and new and emerging modes of transportation, with a strong focus on data analytics. Students are also encouraged to define their own research topics.

Applicants should ideally have an undergraduate degree in engineering, city and regional planning, computer science, statistics, economics, or another related discipline. A Master’s degree is not required, as it can be obtained while working toward the Ph.D.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Prof. Andre Carrel as soon as possible. Further details regarding the application process will be discussed by email.


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