Traffic Conflict Technique Development for Traffic Safety Evaluation under Mixed Traffic Conditions of Developing Countries

Chủ nhật - 06/05/2018 10:47
In developing countries, the numbers of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities are very high and tend to increase at signalized intersections. For example, in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) of Vietnam, the number of accidents at signalized intersections accounted for 45% of the total accidents at all the intersections. This fact leads to strong necessity for analyzing traffic safety at signalized intersections. Nevertheless, the historical accident data in HCMC is not available for deep analysis, this study uses video cameras to capture and analyze conflicts that potentially lead to accidents using TCT (traffic conflict technique). Conflict severity identification is one of the most significant steps to evaluate traffic safety at signalized intersections using TCT. Six zones (serious conflict, common conflict, non-conflict, highest potential serious conflict, potential serious conflict, and potential common conflict) are explored in this study to clarify conflict severity. This result is based on being the cut off value between serious conflicts and common conflicts, according to 85% cumulative frequency of TTC (time to collision) and CS (conflict speed) under 3,050 samples size which were observed at 10 signalized intersections during August-November, 2014. Such a deep understanding is a scientific basis to study how to apply TCT to evaluate traffic safety at signalized intersections under mixed traffic conditions.
Screen Shot 2018 05 06 at 9 43 35 PM
Screen Shot 2018 05 06 at 9 43 35 PM
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