Consumer Protection in E-Commercein Vietnam today

Thứ năm - 07/11/2019 05:28
Hà Thị Thanh, Đào thị Quế
DOI: 10.36099/ajahss.1.8.1
E-commerce in Vietnam is making a strong breakthrough withthe average growth rate in the past years from 25% -30% over year(General Statistics Office of Vietnam, 2018). In 2018 alone, Vietnam’s e-commerce growth rate reached 30% with total e-commerce retail revenue(B2C) reaching overUS $ 8 billion. With the increase in the number ofpeople using telephone and internet as well as social networks, thepotential of e-commerce activities in Vietnam is even more exciting.However, along with that are many challenges posed to domesticenterprises when competing with large foreign enterprises. Product qualityis also a matter of concern and how consumers will be protected in theform of e-commerce trading. These are issues that need to be problemsraised and addressed. The article assesses the current status of e-commercedevelopment, market potential, the need to protect consumers and makessome recommendations to enhance the development of Vietnam’s e-commerce market.

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