Identify the Values of Ancestor Worship Belief in the Spiritual Life of Vietnamese People. Vũ Hồng Vận, Nguyễn Trọng Long

Thứ năm - 12/12/2019 02:07
Bài viết giới thiệu về tiến ngưỡng tờ cúng tổ tiên, một tín ngưỡng rất điển hình của người Việt Nam.
Ancestor worship has an important place in Vietnamese family and society. This is a way of expressing gratitude and tribute to the deceased. According to the concept of Vietnamese people, the deceased often engage in the present life, they guide, direct, protect us, blessing us, etc. Up to now, the phenomenon of ancestor worship still exists in many nations and people. However, its position and role in the spiritual life of people in each place is different. In some countries, ancestor worship has a faint role in the spiritual life of the community, especially the nations and peoples that have worship a single religion. But in many countries, there are concepts of polytheism, pantheism, ancestor worship plays an important role in the spiritual life of each individual, community and society. In Vietnam, most people worship ancestors, including followers of some religions. People perceive this belief both as a traditional custom and as a human morality as well as a form of spiritual activity. This study provides a discussion of: the origin and nature of ancestor worship belief; object of ancestor worship; the formation of Vietnamese ancestor worship belief; ancestor worship rituals and values of ancestor worship belief in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people.

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