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Currently with the strong development of science and technology and the trend of globalization, the training of high quality human resources, the ability to create and adapt quickly to the new working environment is conditions exist of each country. As one of the key components of the teaching and learning process, the method is a special activity and must always be changed to fit the practical, demanding requirements of the age and suit. Employer requirements. These changes set out for teachers as well as learners to always explore, discover new teaching and learning methods that are appropriate, which is also one of the important bases to improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam today.
The renewal of current teaching and learning methods is necessary and urgent. However, in order to innovate spontaneous methods without orientation, without supervision and evaluation in a scientific way, the results may be counterproductive. If the examiner applies methods that are technically biased, the students will lose focus, the main knowledge should not be conveyed much. Learners do not identify themselves with an appropriate method of learning and training that may lead to unexpected learning outcomes.
The school needs to implement teaching assistants, effectively supporting both lecturers and students. Providing teaching assistants for lecturers and teaching assistants as a bridge between teachers and students, carrying out a series of tasks to help teachers effectively implement active teaching methods, help and guidance students improve quality according to active learning methods.
It is impossible to say “subjectively” that innovation has made students more receptive, without a common measure of education scientists. This job cannot be researched or implemented by an individual or a professional instructor, but the work of specialized units to undertake research and teaching tasks.
Therefore, in order to innovate the teaching method needs to be more intrinsic and more effective. Especially in the context of deep integration, requires trained workers with higher qualifications and skills, if not unemployed. The necessity at this time is not only the individual students, lecturers and universities but also the whole education must determine to fulfill the tasks set out, thus the quality of human resources of the country can meet get the industrialization and modernization of the country; international economic integration.

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