SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF STUDENTS: THE ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION .Van, V. H. University of Transport and Communications, No.3 Cau Giay Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam, Email:

Thứ năm - 31/12/2020 02:30
This article uses interviews with lecturers, organizations, activists with the students and students in universities of Ho Chi Minh City to explore what ideals motivate students to social responsibility of them. In Vietnam, students participate in socio-political organizations established by the Government such as the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Youth Union, and the Vietnam Student Association. The activities of these organizations have attracted many Vietnamese students to participate. Almost in Vietnamese universities, students participate in these organizations. This article has shown that in the operating environment of organizations of the student, the political awareness and social responsibility of students have been improved. In addition, this paper also analyzes the factors (objective and subjective), the teaching role of the political subjects at the universities that have influenced the social responsibility of students is how. This study's results provide interesting evidence of the relationship between social responsibilities, especially regarding higher education contexts. As university students are about to make important choices regarding their careers, these findings may help students to broaden the field of determining the role of social responsibility after leaving university lecture hall to enter the life of self-employment. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed, highlighting what still needs to be done to encourage and further enhance students' social responsibility.
ISI, Scopus Q4
ISI, Scopus Q4
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