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Bài báo được đăng trên tạp chí của Ấn Độ, Scopus Q1 của Tác giả TS. Vũ Hồng Vận, Khoa Khoa học Cơ bản Phân hiệu.
Purpose: This research focuses on analyzing how did Buddhism creates heritages, how did that the Buddhism heritage becomes the cultural heritage of the Vietnamese people, how have Buddhist heritage is involved in cultural life and the contribution of Buddhist cultural heritage to Vietnamese culture. The value of Buddhism cultural heritage in the current life of Vietnamese people.
Methodology: It was a qualitative study and data were collected by observation, in-depth interviews; each interview took between 15 – 25 minutes.  I have also studied many ancient documents that have valuable, records on the history of Buddhism in Vietnam; the epitaphs are kept in pagodas, temples, communal houses; the books of the history of Vietnam; documents of famous authors studying culture and religion.
Main Finding: The results of this study showed, in history and the present, Buddhism holds an important position in the cultural life of Vietnamese people. Today, along with the development of the country, these legacies continue to contribute to the cultural activities of the people through many pagoda festivals and many religious activities, becoming an inseparable part of the cultural life of most Vietnamese people.
Implications/Applications: This research can be used as teaching material in universities; in research institutes on religion and culture. It can also serve as a reference for tour guides in the process of introducing visitors to the cultural heritage of Buddhism in Vietnam.
Novelty/Originality: This research explores ways to create the cultural heritages of Buddhism, how the Buddhism cultural heritages become Vietnamese cultural heritages.
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